Wednesday, 20 September 2017

iHerb discount code 5$ off -few hours left ! My new haul -must haves for mom

iHerb one time $5 coupon SEP15 for orders over $50 - use link
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Other discount ends Wednesday morning - in previous post 

I want to show my new iHerb haul- essentials for my mom.

Link to basket

What is in the basket -
Omega 3 by Now foods , very good price/quality value  - one jar with  100 days supply

Lutein Jarrow  - really working supplement , specially for older people and for these who works on PC  for hours

High absorption coenzyme Q10  drBests - this  is good  to take with Omega

Curcumin Jarrow - supplement famous for Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant  properties

You may find helpful :

Omega-3 and Q10 - must-have supplements

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