Sunday, 10 September 2017

10% off sweeteners discount ends in Wednesday!

10% off selected sweeteners ends in Wednesday

 If you want to replace refined sugar in your diet with a healthy alternative, it is easy to find natural sweetener on your choice in iHerb.
iHerb carries plenty sweeteners- stevia, erythritol, xylithol, coconut sugar, honey, agave syrup - dozens flavors . 

Stevia has opposite reviews- some say it is good for our health and others say it's not. If honestly I don't care much because I can't bear stevia aftertaste. IF it very good for health or not still I would drink not sweet coffee than sweetened with stevia.
If you looking for plain sweet taste then I recommend erythritol - it has plain sweet taste, almost zero calories, carbs, and glycemic index. Humans don’t have the enzymes to break down erythritol.It gets absorbed into the bloodstream and is then excreted unchanged in the urine.
No change in blood sugar or insulin levels. There is also no effect on cholesterol, triglycerides or other biomarkers.
Other positive side of erythritol- it doesn't feed bacteria in the mouth!
I prefer recently sweetness with  caramel flavor  in  coconut sugar.
Coconut sugar  has low GI and has strong or light caramel flavor depend on brand. BIg farm coconut sugar which I prefer has a strong caramel flavor
Chrck also raw honey , it is very tasty
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Erythritol- pleasant tasting natural sweetener, gives you Zero calories 


Get 5% off any order with code VUG786 

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