Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Special prices on Jeffrey James Botanicals the cream and the serum!

 What we put on our bodies became as important as what we are putting in our bodies . Use natural skin care to nourish your skin ! I was happy to discover Jeffrey James botanicals luxory natural organic skin care brand
Special prices on Jeffrey James botanicals the cream and the serum!

You can buy The cream now for $20.99 (instead of iHerb price $33.60 and The serum for $  21.99 instead of     $35.20) - link to both products here
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  • "If you want to look and feel your very best, then you have to eliminate the chemicals and toxins,artificial colors, unnecessary additives and processed foods.
    If our skin absorbs at least 70% of what we put on, then why would I use anything that does not feed it. 

  • I wanted YOU to be able to look in the mirror after one day and see a difference. A really beautiful glow! All of my products are designed to leave you feeling healthier about yourselves,knowing you are nourishing your skin and taking great care of yourself. Our bodies truly are atemple and we only get one. Take GREAT care of it!
    Building a luxury organic skincare line for that works for every skin type without using any of thechemicals, toxins and preservatives every major national brand was using, was that evenpossible?

  • Like all great things and blessings that come, there was a little bit of luck involved. It
    truly took an understanding of our bodies and nutrition. It also took using higher concentrationlevels of particular botanicals and using only the finest, handpicked, organic ingredients.

  • I enlisted a wizard of an organic chemist to make everything I wanted in each product all come together. From humble beginnings, a lot of research and care Jeffrey James Botanicals was   created."

    These words belong  Jeffrey James , founder of the Jeffrey James botanicals skin care brand.
    This words truly amazing same as his skin care line.

  • I loved it from first touch and I so much appreciate philosophy of of the brand and brand’s motto- shine from within !
    The brand had only 12 skin care products - all natural, highest quality and cruelty free.
    I have ten of them and I use this skin care  with big pleasure.

  • I Highly recommend it  to all natural cosmetic lovers who like me want have natural food for skin too ,  not only for stomach.

    And Get additional 5% discount for any your purchase on iherb use discount code VUG786!
    Free domestic shipping for orders over $40 and worldwide shipping!

  • Use code VUG786 to get 5% discount for any your order on iHerb !  DM or write in comments me if need product recommendation or link to product 
    Thanks  pravilnaya  for a Beautiful  handmade frame  what I used for the product photo!

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