Monday, 31 July 2017

my iHerb order arrived

My hew iherbhaul   - you can open an see all products by this link

Natures way Choline Bitartrate is a brain supplement  for improved memory and mental performance.

Natural calm anti stress - effervescent drink that promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake. It is in form of powder and you add it to water. Taste is a bit sour and feels nice for me/ Thought I would not use 2 reaspoons as manufacturer advices. I read many reviews of users who got upset stomach from this dose. For me half of spoon was enough to feel me very peaceful and go to bed sleepy much earlier than I used to :).

Coconut butter Edward&sons very tasty and healthy food- I add it to almost everything and eat with spoon straight from a box. I love homemade candies made with this butter. I don’t remember if I shared candies recipe or not

Native Organic virgin coconut oil - now with big discount ! (11$ off) !

Big tree farm organic #cocoaminos. It now in new design and I was. afraid if also in new taste. But only design new. Taste is same good as before. Reorder- I liked it much more than recently ordered coconut secret coco aminos. This sauce is ticker and taste is very good And cap too. In every way I prefer Big Tree product. IT very good resembles soy cause if you miss it on paleo or AIP. Highly recommend for these who is on #paleodiet and #soyfree

L Lysine an essential amino acid, which strengthens your muscle and immune system protecting your from herpes and helping treat diabetes.It also helps in the prevention of hair loss and hair growth for both men and women. 

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