Wednesday, 23 November 2016

iHerb Black friday deals

iHerb's Black Friday sale  is running now, with discounts on the most popular categories of up to 15% off for current iHerb customers and even more for new customers! Use  the link  to get a discount

Black Friday Specials:
Current iHerb Customers  will receive a 10% discount in the shopping cart for orders over $40.00 with promo code GREENFRIDAY

Or 15% on weekly specials on

 Bath & Beauty, Sports & select Coconut items.

New iHerb Customers:
10% off their first iHerb order via link + combine this first time discount with  promo code GREENFRIDAY and get as much as 20% off across the board.

Domestic shipping is FREE for orders over $20
Worldwide shipping is available- discontinued for orders over $40
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