Sunday, 20 March 2016

Save 20% on Hyaluronic acid supplemets and skin care products!

Save 20% on Hyaluronic acid supplemets and skin care products!
Why would you need them ?
There lots of benefits of Hyaluronic Acid:
Skin:  Today, hyaluronic acid is considered equally important, if not more important, than Collagen. The most common application for hyaluronic acid is in anti-ageing therapy, particularly with cosmetic procedures such as the elimination of skin imperfections and wrinkles, but these are not without problems and since HA is destroyed by the body, they need to be repeated regularl.
Joints:   Hyaluronic works as a shock absorber lubricating the fluid in the joint tissues . As an antioxidant, it further supports joint health by protecting joint destruction due to free radicals.
Eyes:   Hyaluronic acid lubricates the eye tissues, it is of great benefit for people suffering from dry eyes. Oral supplements of HA may also help your eyesight. The reason for this is that as we age, less HA is found in the eye tissues and it is required to help support the eye structures.
Gum :  Hyaluronic acid is an important connective tissue component in the gums helping with the regeneration of fresh healthy gum tissue as well as reducing any inflammation that leads to bleeding gums.
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