Thursday, 2 October 2014

Extra 10% off Skin Care Products

Women use an average of nine personal care products each day, exposing themselves to 126 unique chemical ingredients. And 25% of women use 15 or more products daily!
We are exposed to countless chemical ingredients in daily life that may be harmful to our health. It is very important to remove synthetic and toxic ingredients from the products we use daily.

Now we have chance to get natural cosmetic products, paraben and sulphate free with attractive discount

Extra 10% off Skin Care Products (Creams, Lotions and Moisturizers) ~
Switching to all-natural cosmetic products can help you to avoid feeding your skin harmful chemicals.

You can choose plenty high quality natural beauty products from relaible brands and get them now with 10% discount!
Sale Ends 8th Oct. at 10am, PST
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