Saturday, 6 September 2014

Brands of the Week: An Extra 20% Off Mamma chia, Isvara organics, Hobe Labs, Healthy times

Isvara organics

Isvara organics   offers only the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients available chosen specifically for their incredible anti-aging, regenerative and balancing abilities, delivering more vibrant, beautiful skin and hair, naturally. You can buy Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Pet Care products.
Most popular product on iherb is Isvara Organics, AHA Exfoliating Cleanser, 3 fl oz (88.72 ml) - effective exfoliating cleanser will help to smooth and refine your skin. Regular use will help to ensure your skin receives the hydration it needs from your daily moisturizer. Exfoliation helps to improve micro-circulation to the skin, improving collagen production. I'm reading reviews  and going to order it :)
Masks from Isvara also very popular. I use  Isvara Organics, Papaya & Pineapple Facial Mask, 3 fl oz (88.72 ml) . It has ilang-ilang smell, refreshes face and makes skin smooth. This is a perfect choice for those with dull, sun damaged, aging skin. And it is colorless gel and not much visible on a face.

Healthy Times

I really like history of the company. Healthy Times was founded in 1980 by Rondi K. Prescott. At the time, Rondi was a young mother looking for products that did not contain refined sugars, preservatives or artificial additives. Rondi found that there were no products on the market that met her ingredient standards. Rondi developed the first all natural teething biscuit for her baby using whole grain flour, unsulphured molasses and natural vanilla. The Rondi's daughter pediatrician refered other mothers to Rondi for her teething biscuits. When production needs outgrew the kitchen, Healthy Times was born.
 Now you can order Teething Biscuits and  Cookies, Puffs, Cereals and Diapering and Baby bath products. 

Healthy Times products are made from organically grown ingredients, no preservatives or artificial additives. Healthy Times is the only exclusive organic baby food company with products that are USDA certified organic, certified kosher by OU, and addresses baby’s allergies by offering wheat free, dairy free, soy free products for sensitive babies.

Hobe Labs

Hobe labs offers skin and hair and scalp care products, bar soaps and slimming teas. Shampoos and conditioners are noon paraben free then I would not recommend it to people who avoid parabens. 
Slimming teas contains senna, mallow (malva), ginseng (panax), eleuthero root, licorice as natural sweetener.

There big variety of basic oils

Mamma Chia


Mamma chia. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants, protein and fiber making them a wonderful and nutrient dense addition to salads, smoothies, baked goods and so many more tasty dishes! Our Organic Chia Seeds will naturally provide the vitality you need to power your soul’s purpose. You can order white or black seeds( both are 12 oz/ 340 g $9.78 before discount

 Mamma Chia organic chia seeds are infused with delicious fruits and vegetables to create a convenient, fun and tasty snack for active people of all ages. Packed with essential Omega-3s, protein, and fiber, Chia Squeeze is a satisfying anytime snack that naturally provides the vitality to power your soul’s purpose. Order them here.

Have a pleasant shopping!
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