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An Extra 20% Off the Selected Items From: organic sugars, honey and nectars from Wholesome Sweeteners, Radius toothbrushes , mineral cosmetic Earth Labs

 Brands of the Week: An Extra 20% Off the Selected Items From: organic sugars, honey and nectars from Wholesome Sweeteners,  Radius toothbrushes for kids, hand crafted mineral cosmetic  Earth Labs

Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc sells delicious Fairtrade Certified, Organic, Natural and Non-GMO Project Verified sweeteners sourced from ethically and environmentally responsible growers and manufacturers.
Products: Fairtrade Organic Sugars,  Fairtrade Organic Blue Agave, Fairtrade Organic Raw Honey, Organic Stevia, Organic Molasses.
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Radius, Special

Benefits - what are the benefits of using a RADIUS ?
  • RADIUS uses an integrated approach to design toothbrushes that perform better than your standard toothbrush.
  • Improves gum health with soft wide massage.
  • Protects gumline to help reduce receding & bleeding.
  • Helps reduce risk of heart disease with healthier gums.
  • The only ADA Approved natural toothbrush brand.
  • Natural bio-plastic handle & bristles to eliminate fossil fuels.
  • Wide head format - brushes teeth and massages gums simultaneously
  • Angled brushing - the right/left hand configuration gives automatic 45 degree angulation to the teeth - as recommended by the ADA.
 The RADIUS Kidz toothbrush is for children ages 6 and up. The Kidz is a pint sized version of the Original with a thumb grip, angled neck, and oval head for accurate brushing and massaging of gums. The Kidz Toothbrush is completely BPA free and American Dental Association “accepted” for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque.-For Children Ages 6 and up
 Buy RADIUS Kidz toothbrush  on iherb on this page

EarthLabs mineral cosmetics
EarthLabs -A Hand Crafted Mineral Makeup Line
No Animal Testing
  •  No By-Products
  •  No Parabens
  •  No Toxic Chemicals
  •  No Bismuth Oxychloride
  •  No Preservatives
  •  Truly Natural Makeup

 Mineral foundations let your skin breath and function normally. And the best part is Earthlab Foundations do not contain any preservatives or fillers, so it will not absorb into the skin, unlike other makeup lines.
How do you apply mineral foundations?
 The application of mineral foundation is very easy. Simply shake some of the minerals into the lid of your jar, work the minerals into your Flat Top Foundation brush or Kabuki brush by swirling your brush (the minerals should look like a light dusting on your brush) in the lid, tap your brush on the side of your jar to knock off any excess powder, and then buff the minerals onto your face using both stroke and circular movements to ensure complete coverage and dispersal of the minerals. Remember, two or more light applications of your minerals are better than one heavy application for great coverage. And best of all…NO makeup lines! Remember Shake the Foundation into your brush, Tap off the excess right back into the jar, then swirl the foundation all over your face. The more you swirl and stroke the better the foundation finish looks.

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