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Natural, Alcohol-Free, Unscented Witch Hazel Toner is designed for people with sensitive skin. It is perfect for individuals with sensitivities to natural or synthetic fragrances.
Witch Hazel helps gently cleanse, moisturize and tone skin. It helps tighten pores and even out skin tone without drying.  The Organic Aloe Leaf Juice  soothes and nourishes the skin, complementing the benefits of Witch Hazel.
This natural toner was created to help maintain healthy-looking skin, adding moisture while protecting the skin from airborne impurities. It's a natural alternative to alcohol-based astringents.

Brands of the Week: An Extra 20% Off the Entire Selection of Items From:                   Babyspa, Hero Nutritions, Herbatint, Reviva Labs, Oregon's Wild Harvest  

Baby Spa 
BABYSPA® is a complete collection of natural, gentle and soothing bath and body products for babies and toddlers with a unique skin care approach. You can buy Baby Bath products, Diaper Creams & Lotions, Massage Oil, Baby Wipes

As babies develop from birth through toddlerhood, their skin changes, requiring special care and more targeted attention. Just like with adults, a child’s growth and development brings different levels of activity, environmental exposures, skin sensitivities and protection needs.
In the first few months after birth, a baby’s skin is thinner and more vulnerable to friction (chafing), detergents, temperature changes and other harsh agents; therefore needing extra protection to stay hydrated and naturally balanced (stage 1 products)

As infants grow into toddlers, they become more active with their exploratory road to independence and messiness. Moms will be right behind them trying to keep them clean, but as we wash more often, it’s also important to keep the skin properly moisturized and protected to maintain a healthy barrier against bacteria, climatic changes and external environmental factors(stage 2) .

Unique BabySpa® blends are especially formulated to address these changing skin care needs throughout a child’s growing years. Natural bath and body care collection is the only one of its kind with an easy-to-follow ‘stages’ approach.
Unique ethnobotanicals traditionally used by Ancient Native Americans, virgin oils from Indonesian and Pacific Islands, and patented Swiss moisturizers are all combined to provide nourishing, therapeutic and soothing skin care for healthy, happy babies.
All products are 98-100% Natural and totally free of Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, PEGS, and Mineral Oil.

Hero Nutritionals® made vitamin history by being the first company to put vitamins and minerals into a gummy delivery system.I
With the overwhelming success of the original Yummi Bears line for children, Hero, in 2007, launched Slice of Life, the premium all-natural gummy vitamin for adults. Following the success into the adult vitamin arena, Hero expanded into dark chocolate vitamins and calcium supplements, and 2009 Healthy Indulgence was a household Mom’s favorite.

 Herbatint- the world's leader in natural permanent hair dyes.
The Herbatint product line features color and hair care with a natural base and an acidic pH.
Each product enhances the health, vitality, and shine of hair, while improving its aesthetic appearance without damage. Herbatint has been the undisputed market leader for thirty years. It can rightly be said that Mr. Albergo was a pioneer in the natural hair color industry.
Herbatint contains NO AMMONIA! This is why when the product is mixed there is no smell. This means a safer, and more pleasant experience!
All permanent hair colorants have to be mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide or the color would wash out immediately. However, because HERBATINT contains highly pure organic color pigments that are of very small molecular structure, they require very low volumes of peroxide for opening the cuticle. Oxidizing Oil contains just 3% hydrogen peroxide- same level as mouth wash!
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 Oregon's Wild Harvest is proud to offer more than 200 pure, safe and effective medicinal herbal supplements and products.
Many of these are manufactured into liquid extracts within minutes of harvest, mere steps from where they were grown.
With the Certified Organic and Biodynamic certifications in place, you can be sure that their products are guaranteed to be free from harmful pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
You can buy Vitamins, Condition Specific Formulas, Herbs, Antioxidants.
Help your liver cells with Milk Thistle Dandelion, maintain urinary and prostate function with Saw Palmetto, take support of eye Eyebright  fatigue and vision. Check Oregon's Wild Harvest page to choose supplements what can help you mountain your health and immunity.
Reviva Labs has been a pioneer and innovator in natural skin care for over 40 years.

Here are several more "FIRSTS" that we are proud to have introduced via Health Food Stores and Skin-Care Salons
Here are several more "FIRSTS" that Revava labs  are proud to have introduced via Health Food Stores and Skin-Care Salons
INTERCELLULAR DAY CREAM & NIGHT GEL (with hyaluronic acid & glycogen)
-non-drying approach to acne
-unique dark-spot lightening formulas
-collagen fibre masks
-glycolic acid products
-serum for eyelids
-oxygen-via stabilized hydrogen peroxide
-stabilized ascorbic acid & ascorbigen
("C" extract from cabbage for powerful anti-free radical action)
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